Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am called of God to missions ministry?
Knowing God’s will is the responsibility of every believer and the principles are the same for all. First, we are to be obedient to God’s revealed will for ALL Christians, which includes knowing His Word, being holy, praying, enduring trials, and so on. If we are being faithfully obedient to His general will, He has promised to make His specific will the “desire of our heart” (Ps. 37:4). If we are truly called of God to a life of missions ministry, He will also use the godly leaders of our local church to confirm that call.

Why waste a year of ministry time in a training program?
The financial cost of modern missions is high. So is the failure rate of missionaries as evidenced by the high turnover rate in most modern mission endeavors. Faithful stewardship of God’s resources demands that the local church send out those whom the elders believe are called and qualified for long-term ministry. The Master’s Mission year-long training program provides an opportunity for a missionary candidate and his church to test his call and commitment to ministry for a minimal financial investment and with limited fallout for those who decide they are unsuited for missions.

What are the entrance requirements for the training program?
All missionary candidates must demonstrate a working knowledge of the Scriptures. No specified number of academic Bible credits is required for admission, but all candidates must receive a passing grade on the “Bible Examination” administered during the application process. All candidates must have the recommendation of their local church leadership for admittance to the training program. They must also be potentially qualified for leadership in the church as specified in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

What is the training program curriculum?
The training program is divided into two parts: a Bible/mission curriculum required of all candidates, and a separate technical curriculum for men and women. The technical courses are designed to prepare candidates for the unique demands of missionary service. All candidates, regardless of their intended ministry, must complete the course requirements for pioneer work in remote areas, as this provides them with the most thorough preparation for dealing with the stresses and challenges every missionary will face on the field.

How much of the training takes place in the classroom?
Missionary candidates spend the morning in the classroom. In the afternoon, candidates assist base instructors in hands-on projects in a variety of technical disciplines. The women’s technical curriculum is flexible to accommodate the demands of candidate children.

When does the training season begin and end?
The training begins the first week of September and ends the first week in August.

What will my living conditions be like?
Missionary candidates live in cabins sited

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in the woods on TMM’s 1500 acre training base. The cabins are fully furnished, and are equipped with running water, wood stoves for heat, propane ranges, and kerosene refrigerators and lights. A central laundry facility is provided for the candidates’ use.

How will The Master’s Mission help me determine my place of ministry?
Candidates are evaluated quarterly during the training year. Base instructors meet with each candidate to discuss their suitability for different ministries and to suggest opportunities for service. Each candidate’s local church leadership is provided with an evaluation summary and must approve all decisions made by the candidate.

How will The Master’s Mission

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assist me in becoming effective in missions ministry?
Candidates approved by the Board of Directors as member missionaries are assigned to a field approved by their home church and are placed with a senior missionary of The Master’s Mission for a minimum of four years. The senior missionary provides support and direction while the new missionary is adjusting to the field and learning the language. After missionaries acquire a degree of proficiency in the ministry and are fluent in the language, they may choose a long-term place of service. The Master’s Mission and the leadership of both the sending and receiving church must concur on permanent ministry assignments.

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