Missionary Candidates

2015 – 2016 Missionary Candidates

Russell and Rita West

West Family - 1

Russell and Rita West met in 2009 at a Military School in VA Beach, VA, and married in 2010. They have been married for 5 years and have 2 children; 4 year old boy, Jeremiah and 2 year old girl, Roxanna. They are from the flat lands of VA in the Hampton Roads area and currently live in a small town, Gloucester, VA. They enjoy playing sports, working on cars together, off roading, laughing at each others jokes and wrestling with their kiddos. Rita has been a stay at home mom and Russell is currently a Toyota Technician. When they first got married, they started out at South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary College where Russell’s major was in Missions. He only completed a few classes due to Rita having Jeremiah and he decided to work more than full time to allow her to stay home with him. Since then, he has continued working, building a skill set to provide for his awesome family but the desire of missions never left his heart or mind. In 2014, Russ and Rita had the opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa for a short term mission trip and they fell in love. Russell noticed the lack of mechanics and also that most of their vehicles were made by Toyota. He continued to pray for how God could use him and the skill set he has and he instantly got a vision of using his trade as a mechanic to serve others and open a doorway for the gospel. But he felt he needed more training before jumping across the world to a different culture. He heard about TMM, shared with his wife, they drove down and were given an amazing tour from a great guy, Travis Sawyer on graduation weekend and then met with 4 elders of his church who also confirmed this was a wise step to take. They decided they were coming one week  ago and they absolutely cannot wait!!! As their 4 year old says “we’re packing up our house and moving to a mountain”.

Daniel Larsen

Daniel Larsen

Hi! My name is Daniel Larsen. I am 27 and I will be attending The Master’s Mission during the 2015/2016 term. I was born and raised in Longview Texas. I have not finished college and I recently quit my job of 7 years after feeling lead into a new chapter in my life by the Holy Spirit. Soon after that decision I was accepted to TMM.

I have a heart for worldwide missions although to what capacity and whether foreign or domestic I am unsure. As I seek direction in this, just like turning the page to this new chapter, walking by faith is my greatest action for He knows and He will light my path.

Looking at this year to come, I am excited for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of real world practical skills. Specifically, because the Lord has blessed me in the use of my hands and He has given me a heart to serve others in this manner and TMM will increase my ability to do so. I am equally excited for the Bible training, to develop spiritually, to gain wisdom and ultimately grow closer and more in love with God.

 Ethan Morris


My name is Ethan Morris. I am the lower middle of six kids, a 2009 home school graduate, and 2010 graduate of Jackson Hole Bible College. I’ve grown up on a small farm in northwest Ohio and enjoy animals, the outdoors, playing sports, music, a good book, and many other things. I started to consider The Master’s Mission  in high school, and have had it in the back of my mind since. This year I decided to apply and see what God would do. I enjoyed my Bible classes in college and am looking forward to being in the class room setting again to study under a teacher with other Christians. The technical curriculum has me excited because I enjoy learning hands on, and see the skills learned as being useful in many ways down the road. Whether I’m called to full time foreign missions I don’t know, but I believe this year will help me be a better equipped missionary wherever I go.

Ellie Woodworth


My name is Ellie Woodworth.  I am 19 years old, and I am an MK from Kenya, East Africa.  Now that I am coming back to the states to live, The Master’s Mission is definitely where I want to spend my first year!

First and foremost, I am so looking forward to the Bible classes.  The chance to have great Bible teaching as I start out with my new part of life is huge.  Secondly, I am comforted and excited knowing I am going to be in a place that understands missionary kids and knows kind of where we are coming from.

Long term missions is very exciting and also very needed.  If the Lord would have it, I would be more than willing to be used in that way.  Until then, I am looking forward to my next steps here in America