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Missionaries serving with The Master’s Mission since 1990

Eitan and Orit founded HaChotam Publishing in 1999. HaChotam is a Hebrew publishing ministry of Christian books, magazines, and music to the believers in Israel. Magazines are published quarterly for children, youth and adults, with content including doctrine, worldview, and contemporary life issues. Eitan and Orit also serve at Grace and Truth Church in Tel Aviv, Israel, where Eitan is an elder ministering to youth and adults and Orit ministers in the children’s ministry.



Dear friends,

Ehud finished school with two awards: one “an excellent student” because of his high grades and second “social excellency” –means giving from his time and effort to the students around him.

Please pray for Ehud because he is still doesn’t know where he is going to serve as a soldier. It can happen very soon that he will join the army (even in a month). We pray that God will put in a good place where he can show the abilities that God gave him and be a good testimony. 

 Alon is now a major in the Air Force and has a new job that comes with the rank. He serves now as a deacon in our church and also preach from time to time, it made the old grandmas and the people that know him since he was a kid very excited because he is the first kid that grew in our church to serve in it like that. Him and Kristina are doing very good. We pray that God will use them in the best way for Him.

It is getting warmer in Israel as the summer is here. We pray for a quiet summer this year, with no wars.

Thank you so much for being with us in prayers, we appreciate it so much.

Eitan and Orit

Dear friends

Sorry that you didn’t hear from us for so long. So much happened and so little time to sit and write (we are so weak about it). We are so thankful for your patience.

It was a busy summer, July and August, we had a long war. Amir was in the reserve, Alon serves in the army and we were in the shelter.

On September Alon got married with Kristina App a German Christian lovely girl. They met in Israel (she volunteered in Jerusalem for few months) and God blessed us with a new precious daughter. The wedding was on Mount Carmel and now they are both serving in our church. Alon promoted to be a major in the Air Force, new place, new job, still we can’t share much about what he is doing. Kristina is studying Hebrew every day and finishing her degree, on line with Germany, in European economic. Please pray for Kristina’s adjust to a new country, new friends and new language, it is never too easy.  

Kashtan Wedding

The same month, our church had moved (finally) to the new building that we build for 14 years. We are still waiting for the final papers, but we meet there every Saturday. It is big and nice and we are very thankful to be in after so many years.

We keep working hard in the youth and soldiers conferences. On the first youth conference 350 kids came. Eitan was teaching, Orit worked in the kitchen and Liel worked has a guide. In the soldiers conference Liel was helping organize it, Eitan was teaching and Orit made the cakes. It is such a blessing for us to be able to be involve in it.

Please pray with us for this coming weekend (January 23-24th) we will have a girls conference. We expect about 150 girls ages 14-20 to be there. No boys! So they actually come to hear God’s word. Orit will teach (Making right choices in life) Liel will help as a guide and the guys…will probably will go to eat Pizza. Please pray for a conference that will be whole for God’s glory. Please pray for Orit, she has a flue and we pray for health and strength for her on this weekend.

Ehud is doing these days some of the final tests. The school let them do half of the tests now and half at the end of the school year, to make it easier for them. He is also going through a process of tests for the army to decide where he will serve next year. Please pray for Ehud to be in a place where he can really give and be a good testimony for God’s light.

Thank you so much that we can share our prayers and thankfulness with you,

Thank you for being part with us in our service for our Lord.


Eitan and Orit



Dear friends,                                                                                              May 5, 2014

Passover is gone. It was so nice. We were surprised that 102 people had joined our church trip to the north, (I am still not sure where some of them came from, but they heard the Word that day) Liel organized it and pushed it. Eitan guided it, and he did a great job. It was so interesting to stand on Mount Gilboa and read about king Saul and how he ended his life there, about judge Gideon that lived around there, and standing in Kepar Nahum and reading about Jesus teaching the multitude and looking at the sea of Galilee. What a privilege we have to live in Israel. You are welcome to join us!

Today it’s a very sad day in Israel. Memorial day. Israel is weeping over the thousands of soldiers and citizens that were killed in the wars and by terror activities. Tomorrow we celebrate Independence day; a happy day. Ehud invited about 25 youth to a barbeque in our yard. They will arrive tonight and sleep over. We pray that more and more Israelis will turn to their savior on this day.

Please pray for us. On Friday we will have a women’s conference in Haifa. We have worked hard for it. It looks like around 150 women will come, mostly from Arab churches in the Galilee. We pray for God’s blessing on this day.

It is around 100 degrees. Hot! How wonderful!

We appreciate your prayers and love,


Eitan and Orit


Dear friends

Tonight we are going to celebrate the Passover. It is the biggest Holiday for the Jewish people. What a privilege we have to know who is our lamb and to worship Jesus Christ our savior and enjoy it.

Our family who are not Christians will come to our home and we pray for them that their eyes will be open to see that they are sinners and need Jesus.

Tomorrow we will celebrate again with our church brothers and sisters and guests, it will be much nicer when Jesus will be the center of the Passover celebration.

Next week our Liel arranged a trip for our church around the sea of Galilee. It will be nice to finish the Passover Holiday walking in Jesus’ steps. 

Kristina, Alon’s fiancée, is with us for 10 days. They have so much to do while she is here. Many big decisions such as where to live after they will get married (on September 12th), many people to meet that will help and work on the wedding day, and they started marriage counseling with a nice Christian couple that we’ve known for many years, and that’s what they do – counseling Christian couples before and during marriage.  Alon is still working with the young youth, and they keep him very busy teaching and taking care of them.

Amir is in Orlando with friends studying the Bible with Dan Hayden and working in a church. He will be back on July 1st. We miss him especially on a day like this when the whole family gathers together. We are happy for him because he is so happy studying. The last week he was at The Master’s Mission, where he was born. Dan was teaching there, and he went with him and as he said, he felt at home.

Liel does very good work helping us in Hachotam. We are very pleased with what she studies in the army and how she uses her knowledge.  She also helps with the youth and soldiers national conferences. Busy girl.

Ehud is studying for his final tests that starts next month. Lot of pressure, but he is a good student. In Israel the kids can have a driving license from age 17. So he’s study driving too. He has to take 28 hours of lessons with a teacher and then try to go to a driving test where the testers are known for not being easy on the young kids in approving them-which is right.

I am not sure I can start telling you all that Eitan is doing, teaching in our church and other churches, translating, working with the older youth, as an elder dealing with so many problems…..We are thankful that he can do it all.

In Hachotam we got out with two new books: one by Francis Chan and one by John MacArthur. We also did the a music CD with the song “Via De Lorosa” in Hebrew and sent it to all the Christians in Israel as a gift for the Passover. We work on two national women conferences this year: one will be as every year in July in Jerusalem, and this year we will also try to have one in Haifa (North) on May 9th. Please pray for these two conferences – that we will be able to do it, and that it will be for God’s glory.

Praise our Lord for being able to serve Him, We are so thankful for your love,



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