Kathy Davis

Retired Missionary (Served in Kenya from 1979 to 2011)

After serving as a missionary in Kenya for over 45 years the Lord took Kathy’s husband, Van, home to be with Him.  Kathy is now in Pennsylvania active in their home church, Calvary Church, in Lancaster, PA.  Kathy is pictured here with her grandchildren. 

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To my family and friends around the globe,

For the past three years I have been living at an apartment complex in a townhouse.  My sister 12 years my senior was living with me during that time.  It came to the place where I needed to make a change.  I was taken advantage of by the management there and I was rather naive about the move since I never saw the townhouse until I had signed the lease and was paying rent for something I was not getting.  The maintenance crew were pleasant enough but their skills left a great deal to be desired.  So when my lease was up, I gave notice and for 60 days I sorted and packed my belongings with occasional help but the bulk of it fell on my shoulders.  My sister, Doris, is now happily settled in a one bedroom apartment within a few minutes’  drive from her son and daughter-in-law in the town of Lititz which is about ten miles from where I am living. 

I now have a garage but already I have knocked the side mirror off of my car due to the fact that the garages are small and my car is not small.  I have only a few inches clearance so now that I have saved over one thousand dollars by doing the packing myself and with the help of others (I did have professional movers for the big stuff), I now will have a bill I was not anticipating.  This is a lovely area about two or three miles from where I lived before and when the dust settles, I know I will be happy here.  This is NOT a senior citizen place so there are families here plus older folks.  So it is a good mix.

My telephone number and e-mail address remain the same.  God is good all the time.

All the best,



2013 in Review

Dear global family and friends,

It is difficult to believe that another year has rolled by and God has been gracious to me as He has in the past.  He has blessed me in so many ways.  This is my second year in our church choir and I have enjoyed it immensely.  We just had our Christmas concert “Behold Our God” and it was a blessing to many who heard and certainly to my own heart.  I have also been involved in a missionary women’s coffee which meets on a monthly basis.  There have been some widows’ activities which have been enjoyable too.  

In April I had to have a transmission job on my car.  I believe the Lord led me to the right people to do the repairs and they assured me that the car would be better than when it left the manufacturers.  On May 2 I received payment for my property in Malindi, Kenya.  The sale dragged on for nearly nine months with lawyers going back and forth and I had to make  important decisions.  At least twice my lawyer asked me if I wanted to proceed or pursue another buyer.  Just a few weeks before I received payment, I was informed that my home of 30 years would be completely demolished.  Did I agree?   Van had built this home when we belonged to our former mission organization and before we owned it.  I wasn’t about to back out now.  Thank you to all who have prayed me through this ordeal going back as far as 2007 when we first put the property on the market.  What wonderful memories I have of our many years in Kenya where our three children were born.  It is now more than 100 years since the Davis family first sailed to Kenya as a missionary medical team of husband and wife.  What a heritage for our children and grandchildren.

I meet from time to time with friends from our high school days and in August our class celebrated 55 years since we graduated from high school.  Wow!  I am thankful for long and lasting friendships.  I have traveled to northern Virginia to help out with my two youngest grandsons, Rocco and Roman, several times this year and now I can finally get there without making wrong turns.

My family is a blessing to me even though I do not see them very often.  I have not seen my Colorado family at all this year. James is 15 and Shane is 10 and I saw Ted’s family just briefly as they were passing through on their way to Vermont from N.C.  Megan is in her second year of college and Morgan is a senior this year in high school.  How fast they grow up.  My prayer is that each of them will be godly young people. 

In September I traveled with several other widows on a bus trip to Ocean City, Md., for two nights.  The weather didn’t cooperate very well but we had a lovely time in spite of it.  A group from my ABF at church took a bus trip to Delaware in October to view the fall colors.   In November a friend and I took a bus trip to Bethlehem, Pa., to hear four great grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trapp sing.  It was most enjoyable.  They sang songs in five different languages of countries they had visited plus songs from The Sound of Music and Christmas music.

Thanksgiving I was able to be with Christy, John and the boys and there were 11 of us for that special holiday and they treated me to a lovely dinner at a very nice restaurant for my birthday three days later.  My sister continues to live with me and we do have our challenges since our husbands who were very handy are no longer with us.  I am amazed at how wonderfully my  Heavenly Father has taken care of me in spite of the fact that I have lost half of my monthly income since I have become a widow.  .

Christmas I will be with family members but not any of my kids or grandkids.  The holidays are difficult to get through but the Lord gives me the strength to get through them.   So I am blessed and I trust you will be blessed as you remember the reason for the season when the Babe of Bethlehem was born to be our Savior.   Wishing you a Happy New Year.  Many thanks to those who have prayed and given that we could go and minister to those who need God’s forgiveness and salvation.  May the seed sown bear fruit in many lives for the kingdom of Heaven.



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