Ken and Monica Luse

Missionaries serving with The Master’s Mission since 1999

Ken and Monica learned about TMM while reading an Answers in Genesis newsletter.  Leaving behind a career in law enforcement, Ken, Monica, and the kids drove from Ketchikan, Alaska, and graduated from the missionary training program not quite sure what the future entailed without a sending church in place.  However, the Lord provided a home sending church from Ohio through the biblical counseling instructors teaching at The Master’s Mission annually.  Soon, Ken and Monica were on their way to Hunedoara, Romania, to begin language acquisition and ministry.  Luses

We are in Romania. Monica and I arrived in Budapest on the 2nd of July and then finally slept in a bed after arriving in Hunedoara on the 3rd at about 2AM. It was a long trip. but not as long as the trip back to the US in September.

Looking back on the last 10 months in the USA, I am thankful for how the Lord has watched over us all; all the miles, all the challenges and even the joys. The kids seem to be settling in. Monica’s parents seem to be doing well now and we have been able to connect with family from both sides that we have not seen in years.

Now that we are back, we are looking forward to the future. It’s a little scary to think that there are so many changes that will be taking place for Monica and I. Moving to a new place and starting over; having to make new friends, finding new ministry partners and developing that relationship of trust that comes from time and experience. It is a lot for us to think about.

In the end, it has never been about us. The Lord, for whatever reason, has chosen to use us. Personally, were I Him, I’m not so sure that I would have made the same choice, but I am not. We will trust that He knows the plans that He has for us.

This time we are here with Him alone to trust in. We can’t throw ourselves into the kids or other activities to fill our time, nor can we count on their help this time out. May the God of all grace lead, guide and motivate us to do His will.

All glory to the Lamb!

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