Kevin and Beka Deitering

Missionaries serving with The Master’s Mission since 2003

Deiterings May 2015 

Kevin and Beka serve in Archidona Napo, Ecuador, as the first missionaries placed by The Master’s Mission in South America. Kevin and Beka are desiring to provide a living example of the gospel of Christ in their family and home, as they live their lives daily among the community of Archidona. Kevin is serving as interim pastor within the church they are ministering, with the hope and desire to train up faithful men who both desire and are capable to teach the Word of God.  The Deiterings are pictured with their children Ezra, Joe, Tessa, Evelyn and Thomas.


Prayer Letter from the Deiterings!

November, 2015

Dear friends and family,


It has been an eventful last couple of months here in Archidona. 

  • We continue to develop and make more livable our property in country.  We moved there in June and are really enjoying the country or jungle life.  
  • In September, one of our good friends and employees, Milton, was working on the roof of our new shed and fell head first from about 12 feet.  Joe, Beka and I rushed him to the hospital. It was quite a traumatic experience for us all, especially for Joe who had to put pressure on Milton’s head in order to stop the bleeding.  Milton spent 9 days in the hospital and broke both arms in addition to the gash in his head. Please pray for a speedy recovery.
  • Our baseball teams played a couple of games against teams from Guayaquil.  It was a good time for all of us and it always fun for our kids to meet and compete against kids from other parts of the country.
  • Jim Teasdale and David Blackney from The Master’s Mission(TMM) visited us and our fellow TMM missionaries, the Comstocks, for a week.  We had a great time of fellowship and one of the highlights was to take them on a “walk” through the jungle on our property.  We also had a very productive meeting with Jorge Rodriguez, a longtime national missionary from the area.
  • Our church in Archidona celebrated it’s 23rd anniversary and we had a special service in which we invited the other churches from our region.  Jim Teasdale preached and I translated.
  • We made Colada Morada with friends from church last week.  This is an Ecuadorian tradition that we look forward to each year.  We posted some pictures up on Facebook if you are interested in seeing more.
  • Still no baby!!!!!  The due date is November 18th, and we are all very excited…especially Tommy who is looking forward to sitting on mommy’s lap unencumbered by a belly.

On November 3rd, Beka’s grandpa or “opa”, George Faul, passed away and is now with the Lord.   He served for several years as a missionary in Zaire/Congo and was an inspiration and a great example of all of us who knew him.  I am so grateful to have known him and it gives us great joy to know that he is now in Heaven with his Savior and with his loved ones who are already there.


Thank you for your prayers, support and letters of encouragement.


Take care,


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Dear friends and family,

It has been a very long time since we have written and quite a few things have happened over the last few months.


  • In May, I (Kevin) was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   We are glad it was nothing worse.  We spent lots of time in doctor’s offices and getting poked and prodded and doing ultrasounds and other tests. The doctors made me change my diet, eating habits and to try to lower the stress.  So this past summer, we made many changes, the biggest of which was to move out to our country property outside of town.  We are grateful that I am starting to feel better and the constant side and back pain have gone away for the most part.  We are also grateful that the move has been so good for our family in so many ways.  We have enjoyed clearing the land and planting good things like peanuts, rice, plantains, yucca (manioc?) and other things that I don’t know the word for in English.    We have made the house more livable little by little, and it already feels like home. I can honestly say that being sick has been a huge blessing because God has taught us many lessons through this time, the main one being to stick close to Him not matter what. 
  • We took 3 months off from baseball due to my illness and summer vacation here.  We started up again 2 weeks ago and have more than 60 boys and girls in 3 different towns. 
  • The boys and I took one day hiking and camping trip into the mountains with a friend of mine who is a jungle guide.  It was an experience we will never forget.  We went fishing, killed a couple of poisonous snakes, ate ants, and learned about medicinal plants found in the wild.
  • Beka and the kids started school a few weeks ago.  It’s a little more challenging since we don’t have internet, but we come into town a couple of times a week for the boys to be able to take a couple of their classes online.
  • I continue pastoring in our tiny Baptist Church here in Archidona.  We have around 70 attendees each week.  I am grateful for the opportunities to teach God’s Word and trying to raise up more leaders in the church. We are also doing a home Bible study in San Pablo, a small town near us. It’s been fun to start in Genesis and be able to explain why the world is the way it is today.  I have also enjoyed seeing and teaching that God has used broken and sinful men and women like you and I since the Fall and He grows His Kingdom through us in spite of ourselves.  What an awesome God we have and I am in awe that the Gospel is so powerful that we teach it and minds and lives are changed.
  • The last bit of news should be preceded by a drum roll…..Beka is expecting number 6.  Yes, this came as a bit of a surprise…OK, it was a very big surprise.  We know that God is control and that “children are a blessing” from the Lord.  She is radiant as ever and looks beautiful with the baby bump….actually it is bigger than a bump now. 🙂  She is due at the end of November. Prayer for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.




Dear friends and family~

Hi!  We hope this letter finds you well and making progress toward SPRING!!  Since we made a visit home in January, we have new sympathy for you all who live through several cold months each year.  We were very glad to return to a warm climate!  People often ask if we have seasons in Archidona and the answer is, “No, it rains when it wants to and the sun shine when it wants to.”  Well, the rain has been winning out lately:  we marked it on the calendar this time, and as of today we have had 10 days of rain.  People here call this winter.  An old friend of ours who knows a lot about plants recently told us that this rain is the extra push the fruit trees need to ripen the fruit.  We are glad there is a good reason for it then, because it is not too pleasant for the rest of us! 

The kids are outside riding bikes and shooting the basketball during their recess break.  They are plugging away at the school schedule and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this year’s work.  When Evie is done with her kindergarten work, she can be found up in our guava trees looking for fruit and spying on the neighborhood.  Tommy drags a chair out in the yard and climbs to the first branches and is content to hang out there. 

Ezra and Joe recently participated in baseball exhibitions with our club la Cruz del Sur.  They traveled with the team to Guayaquil, a large city on the coast.  The games went well and of course they came home with lots of funny stories.  These trips are good for team building.  Kevin is having the boys on the team work with him at our finca (Spanish for farm) regularly now.  They have cleared brush and planted banana and plantain trees.  We have lots of ideas for making the finca a more productive place, and now we have a work force too!

It was good to return to our church family here in Archidona.  We see the church growing as people are inviting their neighbors and we pray that we are having a good testimony in the community.  Kevin is teaching on the life of Jesus and regularly presents the Gospel as it is told in the parables and stories Jesus taught.  Last Sunday we started a Children’s Choir and had a good turn-out of kids ready to sing!  This should be a fun way of getting the kids to help teach new songs to the whole congregation.  On Easter Sunday we are planning a baptism; please pray that this is a special time for our church.  Tessie told us she is ready for this step of obedience and is going through the baptism class.  It is exciting to see our children grow in the Lord! 

Much love to all of you and many thanks for your support and prayers!

Beka for the Deitering family

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Dear friends and family,

We are hoping this finds you enjoying the Christmas season as we are down south of the equator!  The tree is up, paper snowflakes made, and Tommy hung the last string of lights over the door this morning (with help from Joe).  We are getting ready for the Christmas programs at church with each Sunday School class contributing a song, and the little ones dressing up for the nativity scene.  Christmas Eve will be a turkey dinner at the church.  We will see if my oven can do one more turkey this year without calling quits on me!

So this is an exciting time of year anyway, but we are especially excited this year:  we will be flying home to Ohio on December 27th to spend a month State-side!  We really look forward to being with family again and sharing holiday time with them.  We’ll be touching base with our friends at The Master’s Mission in North Carolina.  Our kids will surely get a healthy dose of winter weather, which they are eager for!  I think we all have our lists of things we want to do and see in the US, but we are really just grateful the Lord has provided for us and we are able to make this trip.  Thank you for participating in our work!

Here are some highlights of our last few months and prayer needs:

  • Kevin was named pastor in our local church where he has been teaching for the last year.  This was a significant step as the people were openly expressing they want to work toward specific goals for their church.  One of the most important goals is discipling the men of the church and preparing them to teach God’s Word.  
  • The Baptist Association in our province has asked our church to reach out to two nearby communities, hoping that one day they will develop into church plants.  We will be teaming up with the Comstock family and other members of our church to do Bible studies in these communities.  Kevin is already doing baseball in one of the towns, so that gives us a good connection already.
  •  Baseball is booming!  We have 80 kids participating from three small communities and another town that wants us to start practicing with their kids.  Kevin and Wilian (our Cuban coach) are stretched to the limit keeping up with all these demands.  We know there would be even more opportunities if we had another coach working with our foundation.  Please pray for this!

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy New Year!
Beka for the family


Dear friends,


8 years ago!

We were sitting down to lunch on Monday when Kevin said, “Hey, we’ve been here eight years
today.” Wow!  So many emotions came with that thought.  It seems almost a lifetime ago that we landed in Quito with our three SMALL children and started to get used to our new life. And here we are, two moves and two kids later and countless experiences that have helped us to grow and mature.  This is a landmark for our family, and also for all of you.  God has used you to make these eight years possible.  We can’t point to anything that we have accomplished on our own.  We are simply links in the great chain of life that God himself is forging all over the world.  We thank you for your support and encouragement.  We came to Ecuador hoping that it would be a long-term commitment and that God would allow us to stay for years.  And He has enabled us to do just that!

I know recently I shared a list of people you can be praying for.  I want to add to that another item:  the men in our church.  Kevin has had a burden to raise up the men in our local church, to encourage them to fulfill their God-given responsibilities as leaders and teachers.  We are working against years of bad traditions in this country.  Many believers see the pastor as the ONLY one able to teach and counsel the members of the church.   Kevin has been able to disciple our congregation and teach them to think biblically, little by little.  This month he started a leadership class designed especially for the men (but also open for the women) based on the verse in 2 Timothy 2:2,  “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” We are praying for these men that they will be reliable, trustworthy, and will do nothing to disqualify themselves for service.   Please join us in this.  We have several young married men in the group and older men too.

Most of you know we own property outside of town that we call our “finca,”or farm.  Recently Bart and Kevin have been brainstorming looking for ways to make it a fun place for kids.  Bart came up with the idea of an obstacle course, and has it ever been awesome!  We tried it out for the first time with the youth from our church and it was a huge success.  We’ve taken the younger kids from the baseball program out to run the course and have a hotdog roast afterward.  So Friday was the big boys’turn.  We had 35 young guys from three communities take part.  They split into teams to do the obstacle course and found it very challenging, even being great athletes! Then we roasted hotdogs and enjoyed the seasonal drink  called “colada morada.”  A youth pastor friend of ours came to give a devotional which we did around the campfire.  It was a great time for all and another milestone for us, as we’ve always wanted to see the finca used in this way.  What a blessing!



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