Travis and Laura Sawyer

Missionaries serving with The Master’s Mission since 2001


We are missionaries with The Masters Mission serving in Masai Mara,Kenya. We were sent out from our home church Grace Fellowship Baptist Church in Robbinsville, North Carolina. Our desire is to be a living example of the Word of God displayed in our family and individual lives.

Dear beloved friends,                                                                                  

This furlough has been nothing short of BUSY! At the moment we have about 18,000 miles under our belt and have visited 20 churches and been in 13 States! We still have about 4,000 miles of driving left and about 6 churches to visit. We have been very thankful for the opportunities to share with new churches and meet with churches already involved in our ministry. Not to mention the schools and small groups we have had the privilege to share with.

We had a pencil drive the month of August for our school, Mara Christian Academy, our goal was to raise  5,000 pencils to be able to help the locals even more by providing pencils and notebooks for their children. Many of you pitched in and we have had over 15,500 pencils come in! That was overwhelming and amazing. We also found some amazing tables for our future lunch room for the school and once again you all pitched in and within a week we had all 14 tables purchased!                                                                    

Many of you have asked how to be a part of the ministries going on in Kenya and we want to personally thank all of you who support us or the school monthly. Without you we could not do what we do. We also want to thank those of you who have donated toward the building of the school, once again without your kind donations there might not be a school.

Our time is coming to a close here in the States and we look forward to heading home. We have a container shipping out the first part of September; it seems it is just full of pencils!  We leave the end of October and most likely will not be back for a few years. It has been great seeing so many of you.

Thank you again for being partners in this ministry. We are thankful we can serve Christ together in His great commission. We truly love serving our Lord in this capacity. Please pray we will continue to be faithful as servants of Jesus and we will pray no less for you.

In Christ’s service,    

Travis, Laura and the girls


The Sawyer Scoop for May 2014



The Sawyer Scoop – November 2013

Life Has Changed

You never know what lies ahead of you, and always be prepared to let the Lord lead you. Sounds like a familiar verse about us making our plans, but the Lord directing our steps. Since our last newsletter, we have seen this played out in the lives of several of our missionary families. Shayne and Tari Russell, our partners of 8 years, received a phone call about being needed back in the States to take care of aging parents. This was not an easy decision as they had been in Africa for almost 20 years. So they decided it best to go back and started the process of selling off their possessions they had gathered over 20 years. They departed for the States on Oct.29th. Our other partners Jon and Almi Johnson have also been called back home by their sending church to help his father who is currently the pastor and to one day step into that role of being the pastor himself. They have set a date of leaving the country in February. As you may have figured out by now, that leaves us ALONE here. It is always comforting to know that God has a plan. Another family and good friends of ours, Tim and Cheryl Hinds, who have been in country almost 21 years, most of that time in Northern Kenya, have been assigned to come down and help us here in Maasai land. Last month I went up and helped them drive down from their home of 15 years. It was a long journey of 28 hours and rough country, but they have finally moved here and we are excited to start the work with them. We also have a new missionary family, Trevor and Abby Knowles, here with us for a short time as they learn the language, and then they will head up to Northern Kenya to work there. So as you can see life has really changed in the last few months. Pictured below: the Russell’s on the left and the Johnson’s on the right.



Even with all the changes, ministry continues on. Tim Hinds will be pastoring the church, and his wife, Cheryl, will help in women’s ministry. Laura continues to organize the children’s Sunday school, help teach women’s Bible study on Tuesdays, and teach a group of girls every Saturday evening. As for myself, I continue to lead the church service and lead music. I have started the next step in discipleship with Tigis who is growing leaps and bounds. Every Monday evening he and I get together and go through the process of how to study your Bible. (Complimentary of a Pastor friend of mine, Dave Stephen-son, who came to visit in September.) I also have about 10 young men who are gong trough the Baptism class every Saturday. It is exciting to see them growing. I have also been going to our town every Thursday night, renting a restaurant, and showing the Bible DVD. It has been interesting. About 20-30 are coming and lots of by-passers. Lots of good questions and conversations. It is truly a joy to serve the Lord in this capacity for all of us here; to share His Gospel and see hearts and lives changed.