Missionary Training

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Missions Training for Families

Displaying the glory of Christ to the Church 
In his letter to the church in Ephesus, the Apostle Paul emphasized the family relationship as a display of the glory of the relationship of Christ to His church (Eph. 5:22-32).
At The Master’s Mission you will learn the importance a husband, wife, and children have in modeling Biblical relationships to adorn the gospel to a pagan culture.  An adornment that models the depth of the relationship of Christ to His Church.

Missions Training for Singles

                                 Maximizing your singleness for the glory of God

     Is your concern about how to please the Lord in your singleness?  Is your desire to pursue holiness to God in both body and spirit?  The Apostle Paul says these are advantages of those called to a ministry of Christ of singleness (1 Cor. 7:32-35).  Pursue your call to serve Christ by enrolling in the year long training, learning the Biblical and practical advantages and challenges of single ministry.

Missions Training for Youth and Students

  Training designed to get to the heart of the mission
God does not place an age limit on obedience …  nor on a call to the mission field.  Samuel was only a young boy when God called him to full time service (1 Sam. 3:1).  Invest in your son, daughter, or student’s life for eternity by enrolling in the training.  A summer spent considering the call of God in your life to full time missions while learning along side those preparing to serve cross culturally. 

** Must be 16 to apply with parents permission and home church recommendation.

Missionary Preparation Extension Program

A unique blend of the academic with the practical … learning while doing
Study missions for a semester at The Master’s Mission and earn credit toward your Biblical Studies Degree.  Earn up to 14 hours of elective credit while studying alongside missionaries training, outfitting, and serving Christ all over the globe.



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