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 Partnering with The Master’s Mission since 1995

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To our Partners, Friends and Donors,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are so glad to share with you about what God has been doing through the Ministry of Lake Kivu Christian Center, Goma, DRC,  during the past year.

 I apologize to send it with a little delay due to many circumstances. Please, I beg you to read it very carefully.


I just want to introduce it with an event which happened :



“Leonard and Mary Magadju, is a couple who graduated from our School of Evangelism and Discipleship in  2010 (when we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of LKCC Ministry in Goma). 


During the training, this couple got a call from God to go to the country of Chad  to minister there as Missionary Evangelists.  After the graduation, they reported this to the Pastors and the Elders of their church, Baraka Pentecostal Church of Goma.


It took a little while for the Church to agree after a time of prayer and asking God for direction and wisdom.  The time to send them to Chad arrived, and the whole congregation agree to stand behind them while they go to this mission field. The Church paid for flight tickets, visas and some provisions  A special time was organized at the Church to commission them to that task.  It was my privilege to participate.


When they arrived in Chad, they looked for a house to rent and took a few weeks to adjust.  They started to build up some friendships with the people they went to minister to by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. After one year 35 Muslim people came to know Jesus Christ personally as their Savior and Lord.


Then Leonard got a severe sickess, and his home church made the decision to call him back to             Goma for better treatment.  Unfortunately, a few months later, Leonard passed away. It was a time of sufferings for the sending church, his wife Mary, and the small church in Chad.


After a couple months, Mary decided to  return to the mission field to continue with the Lord’s work she started with her late husband.  What wonderful commitment!   Recently, Mary called me from Chad with some great news.  When they were absent from that mission field, there was a man named Elie  (Elijah) among those who had received Jesus Christ who was gathering the others to worship God. The church has now sent him to Goma to be baptized and to go through some training at LKCC School of Evangelism. After that He will go back to Chad to minister among his own people.”




This living example is one of many from our graduates that shows us how God is continuing to work  through LKCC. We are so thankful for what God is doing.  And please pray for Mary, the widow, as she seeks to do the will of God according to the call they received from God.


I would like to share briefly about the activities accomplished in the year 2013:



During May & June,  Lusia and I visited the USA.  We were mostly in New York State with John and Donna Schutz.  We are thankful for their hospitality and for others who welcomed us in their home.  We had some wonderful time of fellowship with many of our friends and supporters.


 Lusia and I were warmly welcomed at First Baptist Church of Brewster, NY where I preached.  A luncheon was organized for us, and we got a very nice moment to share about LKCC Ministry.

We shall not forget that time.  Special moments were made by Pastor Rick Julian of FBC of Brewster, NY, at the Church office when we talked about the Ministry. This time of sharing with him about the LKCC Ministry help him to understand better about the ongoing of the Ministry. I liked that time with Pastor Rick.


Lusia and I also met with Pastor Matthew Yukon and his wife, Dee, for a special time of fellowship and sharing.  We were invited to preach at his church, Northville Baptist Church, in New Milford, Ct. and then had dinner in their home.  We were received so warmly!  It was a wonderful time of sharing the Word of God and the ministry of LKCC.  We thank God for this new relationship that has been started!


We had a special opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. We worshiped at the National Community Church and had a wonderful opportunity to meet with the members of the Congo Small Group of this church.  They are actively involved in ministry in Uvira, South Kivu, DRC.             


Another highlight of our trip was a visit to The Master’s Mission base in Robbinsville, NC.  were we met some members of the Board.  They were so encouraging to me about our ministry and I was also asked to speak to the students who are taking classes at TMM. 




I am so happy to report about our programs in Goma, Uvira, and in our Portable Bible Schools. 

 A total of 102 graduated from our different programs:  14 in the Goma 1 year program, 15 in the Uvira 1 year extension program, and 73 from the Portable Bible Schools we organized in Uvira.  The graduation took place in Uvira on August 3, 2013. Our candidates from Goma came to join those in Uvira for this wonderful celebration.


At LKCC, we also organized an Open Air Evangelism campaign as well as the door to door evangelism with our teachers and students.  The Gospel was presented to 2000 people and 500 received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.


From Nov. 4th to Dec. 9th, we organized a seminar for our Alumnae who are based in and around Goma.  The purposes of that seminar was to feed them back, to evaluate what they are doing, to add some new lessons, and to develop more relationships with them and their church leaders.  This seminar was happening during the time when the M23 rebel army occupied Goma.  We had to stop our classes for some days because of the fighting in Goma city but by God’s grace, we persevered and were able to start again and finish.  A total of 210 were able to attend that seminar.


In Nov, we joined in the dedication of Ararati Baptist Church in Goma.  This church was planted under the leadership of Patmos Baptist Church.  John & Donna Schutz were able to be there for that special dedication of the pastor and church leadership.  The pastor is a former graduate of LKCC who is serving faithfully with his wife. 


We are also so thankful for special donations that allowed us to be able to repair damage that happened to the Evangelism School building from the hurricane from Lake Kivu in May when we were in the US.  The roof of the school building was ripped off so we could not  have classes there.  We now have a good classroom for the new candidates to get their studies.    




 The Wamama Sewing project under the leadership of Lusia is doing well. A third class of fifteen  women  is under training and very soon will finish their sewing program.  These women are not only taught to sew, but Lusia faithfully teaches them the Word of God before every class. Several women have given their lives to Jesus Christ. A cooperative for them will be open in the coming month in Goma. A  room  has been rented for that purpose.


The Old Widow Weaving project was started this year after our return from the US.  Lusia had a great burden for these old widows who are suffering so much.  We thank God for the women who contributed money to buy the materials needed to begin this project of weaving baskets that are sold at the market in Goma. Lusia continues to encourage them in how they can be self-sustaining. They are progressing well. 


The Patmos Primary School is doing well with around 500 kids, and the Patmos Secondary School with around 300. The Word of God is continuing to be preached there and is changing many kids’ lives. Those orphans who are supported by some of you are doing very well and are deeply thankful for receiving tuition from you.


At Patoms Baptist Church, we baptized 18 new believers the past year.  The ministry with the youth is a very big ministry and continues to grow.  We received a gift of $2000 to make some repairs to the church. We are thankful for that special donation that helped so much. 


The Executive Committee of LKCC had a big change at the end of the year 2013. Three new members joined the Executive Committee of LKCC.  They are respected men of God and should help us so much in making godly decisions about the ministry. 




 I got a great opportunity to participate in the Forum of The International Evangelist for the African. This took place in Cagungu, Rwanda in August, just after the graduation in Uvira.  In the morning we had a seminar with international evangelists from New Zealand, UK, France and USA. In the afternoon we went to share the Good News at different Crusades throughout the Rusizi District.  According to the one week of labor there, Pastor Kwizera Emmanuel, who is the Mission Director of Africa Evangelistic Enterprise for Rwanda, reported that 81,000 people were reached with the Gospel and 7,650 yielded their lives to Jesus Christ. Praise God!


Brief news about my family : We are all doing fine. We got another grandchild from Muhindo’s  family  in Kampala. She is  a girl named Lusiana Mathe. Now we have three grandchildren – Sara from Deborah and Favor and Lusiana from Muhindo.  Soki, our oldest daughter, is working with a company called LONCOR, a mineral Company owned by the Canadians. She is living in Beni. Kambale is serving with ECHO Flight in Goma.  Deborah, the youngest, is now in the 2nd  Grade in College studying Hospital Administration.

Lusia continues to serve God with integrity, love, and passion for the ladies at Patmos Baptist Church.




Ø  To extend our Ministry to the important or majors cities in DRC.


Ø  To develop more relationship with the Churches so that they can understand better about LKCC as their ministry. They will need to put their investment in it so it can become more self-sustaining. 


Ø  To continue to provide Seminars for our graduates to encourage, teach & train them further.


Ø  To send  a candidate couple from LKCC to The Master’s Mission training School for missionaries




Ø  Final solution about the LKCC land problem.  The government has said the Autoctones have no

rights to the land, but an official paper has not been given and the Autoctones continue to fight this.


Ø  Construction with durable materials of offices for the  School of Evangelism and also some  equipments (photocopier & another computer)


Ø  Van for the transportation of the Staff and the Students.


Ø  Funds to help with ongoing expenses for the Schools in Goma & Uvira. Many of our students are not able to pay their full tuition.


Ø  PEACE is needed in the East part of DRC.  Many people and ministries are suffering from the wars going on in North & South Kivu. 


On behalf of the Executive Committee of LKCC, Goma , DRC, I say thank you so much for partnering with us to spead the Good News of Jesus Christ.   Know that we value your sacrificial giving for many years and your love for us and for the people of God in DRC and beyond.  Asante sana – “Thank you very much”.


The Bible says in Hebrews 6:10 – God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”


Yours for the Great Commission,

Rev. Jerome Mathe


October Ministry Update From Jerome Mathe In Goma – DRC


About the Family

As most of you know, Lusia and I have served as TMM missionary partners since 1995. Our family has been blessed with four children as seen in the picture. All of them are Christians. On the right, there’s Soki, 31 years old. She works as a Human Resource Officer at Loncor Mining Company in Beni since March 2010. She is still single. Deborah, 23 years old, is still a student at the university in Goma. She is studying Public Health Management. She and her 7-year-old daughter, Sara, live with us at home. Kambale, 26 years old, has graduated from the High Institution of Computer Management with the Project Management option. He served with “Light of Africa” in Goma for 5 years first before shifting to “Echo Flight”, a Eauropean flight company in Goma. He will get married to “Ms. Aline” soon; probably in February 2014. Muhindo, 29 years old, is an computer engineer. He graduated from Kampala International University (KIU) in 2011. He and his wife “Fanny” have 2 children: a 5-year-old son named Favor and a 9-month-old girl names Lusiana. They are living in Uganda looking for a job. Lusia is doing wonderful work as my sweet partner at home and to the service of God. She is involved in the women’s ministry at Patmos Baptist Church of Goma where I serve as senior pastor in addition to the Lord’s work that I do at the Lake Kivu Christian Center (LKCC) in Goma and in Uvira.


About the Lord’s work at LKCC Goma

We are continuing to train evangelists and pastors from different denominations and churches from DRC and other countries of the Great Lakes region. This year we have 10 candidates including 1 couple and some women. We also have 1 Provincial Member of Parliament who is very committed to the task of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. He is the one wearing a tie in the picture.