Ben and Kelly Crowe

 Missionaries with The Master’s Mission since 2007

Ben and Kelly have been on staff with The Master’s Mission since 1994.  Ben is the Instructor of the Building Construction and Drafting class.  Kelly is involved in hospitality and hosting groups that visit the campus, along with homeschooling their children.  Ben and Kelly are also actively involved in ministry at Little Snowbird Baptist Church. Their children (left to right) are Ethan, Eleea, Lindsey, Erica, and Kennedy.


          Hard to believe 2013 is almost over!  It’s been an awesome year and God has blessed us so much more than we deserve.  The biggest news we have this year is that Erica and Eleea both accepted Christ as their Savior.  We are so grateful that all of our kids have come to know the Lord.  We pray they will always live their lives for God’s glory.

          This summer we had the opportunity to go to Kenya, Africa, and visit our missionaries there.  Ben has been working at The Mission for 19 years and this is the first time our family has been able to see how the other side of missions operates.  It was such a life-changing trip for all of us.  We have a new perspective on so many things and a new respect for all of those who are called to serve overseas.  It’s amazing how much we take for granted, like… running water, indoor plumbing, grocery stores (that are close by), more than 1 change of clothes, a car to drive…  We spent most of our time in Loiyangalani, which is in Northern Kenya.  We just loved the people there.  Because of the long-term missionaries that have been in Loiy, there are so many that have come to know the Lord.  It’s amazing to see the love they have for God and the faith they have in Him…regardless of their meager belongings.  It was such a humbling experience.