Training Overview

The Missionary
Training Program

Fundamental to our training program is the study of God’s Word.  While all sixty-six books are reviewed annually, daily Bible classes emphasize those passages relating to missions, discipling of believers, and church planting.  The Church has been commanded by our Lord to preach the Gospel and make disciples throughout the world.  Effective ministry often requires not only a thorough understanding of and commitment to the Word of God but also specialized skills in a variety of disciplines. To that end, our densely wooded 1500 acre training base in the western North Carolina mountains near the town of Robbinsville, NC provides an ideal setting for training missionary candidates. 

Our 11 month training curriculum begins in September.  Classroom time is kept to a minimum.  The majority of each day is spent actually practicing the technical skills studied.  Some, but not all of these skills, include building construction on roads and dams, carpentry, heavy construction/millwork, airstrip construction, auto mechanics, bush living, animal husbandry, gardening, water and electrical systems.  

The missionary candidates live in cabins with no electricity, gravity fed water, propane for cooking and woodstove heat.  They learn to put into practice the skills vital to success in ministry in various cultural settings.  On site training facilities include a sawmill, a quarry with a rock crusher/sorter and an 8,000 sq. ft. training center. 

In addition to the Bible and Missions course work, each candidate serves as a missionary intern in a local church to gain practical experience in ministry and church leadership.  While our training has special emphasis on preparation for ministry in remote unreached areas, it is applicable for missions ministry in any setting.

Bible & Missions Curriculum
Scriptural Foundations
   for Vocational Missions
The Family and Missions
Biblical Principles in Missions
Doctrinal Issues Influencing   
   Foreign Mission Work

Men’s Technical Curriculum
Heavy Construction / Mill Work
Community Planning and
Building Construction

Women’s Technical Curriculum
Missionary Life
Home and Family Life
Field Ministries

Tuition & Fees
$4,400 Married Candidates
$3,575 Single Candidates
(This reflects the cost of TUITION ONLY. Click the “Tuition & Fees” link to view estimated total costs of the program.)

Qualified missionary candidates must:

  • Be committed to the authority of the infallible, inerrant Word of God without compromise.
  • Meet the Biblical qualifications for leadership in the Church (I Tim. 3, Titus 1).
  • Be actively involved in their home church and have the confirmation of their pastor and elders as to their suitability for mission ministry.
  • Be teachable.
  • Be committed to serving the Lord for a lifetime.