Tuition & Fees

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Through the faithful and sacrificial support of churches and individuals, The Master’s Mission maintains a minimal tuition rate.  The majority of the cost required for the training program is the personal living costs over the eleven months.  Residence is required as a part of the training program, therefore furnished cabins are provided with tuition. 

Married Missionary Candidates

Training Program Costs:  
 Tuition, cabin, and water     $ 4,400
 Tools, equipment, books  $ 2,210
 Total training program costs  $ 6,610

Single Missionary Candidates

Training Program Costs:  
Tuition, cabin, and water $ 3,575
Tools, equipment, books $ 2,160
Total training program costs $ 5,735

1. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for all candidates.  The cost of operation in mountain road conditions with lower m.p.g., tire mileage, as well as travel during student holidays have been estimated in the personal living costs.
2. The Master’s Mission requires all candidates to have health insurance coverage.  The provider, deductible, and specific coverage details are at the discretion of the candidate.
3. Candidates who have been accepted into the training program may start when they have secured sufficient support, based on their situation, as approved by the Operation and Policy Committee of The Master’s Mission.  The Master’s Mission accepts donations for training after the candidate application has been approved.

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