Women’s Technical Curriculum

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The Women’s Technical Curriculum will teach and develop skills necessary for managing home based ministries while seeking opportunities for ministry in the community.  Taught by seasoned missionary women life long experience, the student will be confident in God’s grace as she pursues an effective ministry to the ends of the earth with the gospel of Christ. 

Missionary Life (WC412)

Discussion of some of the practical demands of living and ministering in a foreign culture, whether rural or urban. The candidates will gain practical skills in basic mission travel, health and first aid, youth and women’s ministries, office management, communications, meal preparation and other selected topics. Helps for women’s ministries and deputation are covered.

Home And Family (WC301)

A consideration of the unique challenges intrinsic to the life of a foreign missionary. Special emphasis is given to the demands upon missionary children, and to biblical strategies which anticipate and minister to those demands. The candidate will learn principles involved in being a godly woman and in raising her children biblically. Emphasis is given to aiding the candidate in learning to set the proper atmosphere for the Christian home amidst the many changes and inconveniences encountered on the mission field.

Field Ministries (WC331)

Instruction in areas of support ministry necessary to foreign mission service. A consideration of how various factors on different fields impact the missionary family’s lifestyle and the way they will conduct ministry. The candidate will learn how to prepare and adapt to various contingencies to best fulfill their ministry. Helps for deputation and departure are covered.

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