Update from the Hinds Family!

Dear friends and family,

It has been good to be back with our friends and church family here in Sekenani, Masai Mara.  It is always amazing how quickly we adjust to life, as we really do live in 2 very different worlds.  Even after being in Kenya for 21 years the animal life here just amazes me.  I woke Tim up the other night to tell him I heard a noise like something breaking wood.  He assured me that as long as it wasn’t anything in the house we were safe.  We headed to town the next morning on the four wheeler, and were met by some very fresh piles of elephant dung.  Glancing back we saw that some of our big trees that lined the drive to the Sawyers were snapped off.  The next night the elephants returned to do even more damage but Tim and I slept right through it.  :)  

Tim finished my baboon proof garden this month, crazy how you have to build an enclosed structure for everything here - people, animals and vegetables! 

The Nursery through 2nd grade VBS went very well, we had about 130 kids over 3 days.  They gobbled down 3 or 4 slices of bread a day and several of them learned the memory verses for the week.  We had more nursery age kids than 1st and 2nd as they are out keeping the animals on the school breaks.  

Tim is finishing up preaching through Galatians with the main theme of:  Salvation by faith not by good works.  We decided to teach our VBS theme to our ladies to help them have a clear understanding of the gospel and salvation.  "Our problem of sin, God's plan to send His Son as our Savior and our response of repentance and faith in Christ's death."  They are learning some simple verses to help them when they share in the community.   

The school is really beginning to come together and we have enjoyed being able to help out.  I have been busy in the painting department with a sign, chalk boards and some fun, bright colored classrooms.  Travis and Tim are busy building more desks and hope to begin the sidewalks soon.  The kitchen is finished and the long drop is being laid up in stone.  The headmistress and another teacher have been hired, 2 cooks have been hired and we are needing just 2 more teachers.  Please pray especially for one of the teachers to be from the Masai tribe.  Check out this link to see more about the school:  http://www.thesawyerscoop.com