An Update from the Hinds:

Dear friends and family,

I was speaking with one of our Christian ladies and she said that another lady in church, N wanted to be saved but was afraid.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:14 …’the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  There is another way, the wide, broad way, and many enter there, but that is the way to destruction. I thought about how to describe this to this lady to help her see we should be afraid – to not come to God, –  not the other way around.   If you believe God’s word is true, then we know we have all sinned and the result of just one sin is judgement and eternal death.  I remember when I first heard this and it was hard for me too.  I kept thinking, “I’m pretty good, I think God will agree with me, I believe in Him, I go to church.”   Now you can have faith in yourself and think you are able to be good enough to enter heaven without God’s help, for many reasons: pride, fear, selfishness, unbelief.  But why would God give us the narrow gate, if the wide gate would get us ther?,.  Why would He sacrifice His Son to die and pay the price of our sin, if there was any other way? He loved us enough to open up the narrow gate for us, His way to have eternal life.  It really comes down to a matter of faith and what you are willing to put your faith in –  God and His plan for your life or you and your plan for your life.  Pray as we will have an opportunity to speak with this lady after church on Sunday.

The Sawyers left the beginning of March and will be in the states for the next 7 months.  We all appreciate your prayers as they travel and share about the ministry and school there, and we keep things going here. 

The boys and their families are well, surviving the cold weather and making us appreciative of our temperate climate. 

Jessie, the teachers and some other youth have started a choir, which she is enjoying.  It also gives her the opportunity to get to know this group better.

The chickens are still our learning project as we are 50/50 with them, 2 are laying and 2 are enjoying the food.  The rest of the animals are doing well and so far the elephants have not returned. Yea!

We are very grateful as we have received enough funds these past 2 months to continue on with the 2 classrooms 4th and 5th grade.  We have purchased enough stone and cement to get both buildings to ring beam height.  This will be a big help so that when Travis returns it will be only the roof, plaster, doors and windows left to finish.

We have now found a more permanent person for the office/assistant teacher position at the school.  Lona is a  Masai, graduate of high school, and she lives right here in Sekenani.  

We have begun a tutoring program for the school that coincides with our adult literacy program.  We are able to take more time with students who are struggling with their reading skills.  Remember these children are learning 2 new languages, Swahili and English, in the 1st grade so it can be quite confusing for them. 

Tim is grateful for the many opportunities to share the word through, Sunday school, preaching, baptism class, bible study, and chapel with the school kids.  Pray that God would help the families here in Sekenani to put their faith in God and His way alone, and enter by the narrow gate.


The Hinds

Pictures:  4th and 5th classrooms; Lona; Cheryl tutoring some boys; Josh and Nanyu our cooks; Tigis, our school guard, helping with the porridge;

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 kids enjoying their mid- morning porridge

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