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 he Luse Connection
April 2016 Iasi, Romania
“Gracious words are like a honeycomb,
sweetness to the soul and health to the
body.” Proverbs 16:24
Spring has finally come to Eastern Europe. Although, winter was not especially harsh this year, the warmth has been a welcome reprieve from the dark and dismal days that normally mark the winter months. For those in the West, Easter has come and gone. For us here in Romania, Orthodox and Protestant alike will celebrate Easter on the first of May. The following day, the 2nd, nearly 60 people from ‘Eclesia International’ will take off for a week together to study through the Proverbs and to get a few days of relaxation before year end exams begin.
Time has passed quickly with all the activity of apartment renovation and ministry. God has been good to us, and we would like to share what we can with all of you.
Still Under Construction:
The pastoral apartment on the back of ‘Bethany’ Baptist Church here in Iasi continues to take up much of our time. It is clear that the damage due to decay, misunderstanding of how to build with dimensional lumber and a lack of ongoing maintenance has exacted a terrible toll increasing the overall cost to repair and renovate. Since stripping away all the old and moldy drywall (interior) and particle board (exterior) then straightening and insulating walls we are finally in the rebuilding phase of construction making reasonable progress.
The ramp and the emergency exit are in; Monica did a tremendous job of finishing the drywall in the church’s hallway we made next to the baptistery; it has now been painted, electric installed and awaits tile and grout for the floor. Soon, we hope to make a permanent separation between that part of the church and the apartment. First, we have to address some minor local code issues.
A recent setback slowed our progress a bit when two young men broke into the church by breaking a thermopane window before entering and stealing all of Ken’s power tools. Construction halted as we located and purchased necessary replacement tools using vital construction funds to do so. Two weeks later, the young men were caught by the police and many of our tools were recovered and returned to us. Incidentally, the tools returned were ones we had not replaced yet. God is good!
The police warned us not to forgive the thieves by refusing to press charges. Then two days afterward, we received this “four page” letter outlining the sad story of these men’s lives asking for us to forgive them and drop all charges. The elders of Bethany Baptist asked us if we should forgive them? Monica’s response reflected Ken’s thoughts, “We can forgive, but they need to be held accountable for their actions.” Needless to say, as far as we are concerned these men have a date with the judge.
About 75% of the drywall is done on the second floor and 60% on the first – there is still a lot to do yet. Monica did an experiment the other day to measure the benefit of adding all the insulation we had to the exterior walls. She set a thermometer outside for a reading then moved it inside. The temperature in the sun was 78 F, but inside it was 62 F – big difference.
Lord willing, if all goes well with resources and no further distractions, we are hoping to move into our renovated space in late June or early July. The Lord alone knows.
In the Ministry:
Ken continues to preach and teach as people call him to fill the pulpit on Sundays. Both Ken and Monica are now involved with the college age group on Tuesday evenings at Baptist nr. 1 in Iasi helping relieve the pressure on their current pastor by taking over his teaching and sheparding responsibilities for the twenty or thirty which attend weekly. Both the pastor (Gabi Moisuc) and several of the students have thanked us for our involvement. It is exciting to finish a lesson and to be mobbed by several young people wanting to ask other questions. We are currently going through a book by Jim Eliff “Wasted Faith” that discusses what the bible teaches about true faith. It has been a sobering study, but one that is timely in the day in which we live.
Monica is mentoring three women from the Eclesia International Church: two on Monday evenings (Neli from France and Dorian from Burundi, Africa), and another (Ana from Iasi) on Thursday. It has been a real blessing for her to be able to serve the needs of this community of believers. When the leadership of Eclesia heard that Monica was approached by these women for the purpose of mentoring them they were overjoyed indicating that this was just what they were hoping would happen.
The Eclesia team we are working with is made up of mostly American young people who have come to Iasi to be used to evangelize and disciple English speaking internationals which have come to Iasi for school. However, since the University also has a French speaking class, three of the American team are engaged in learning French so that French speaking students can also be evangelized too. The long term goal is to plant another international congregation using French as the common language to meet this need. Annually, the Arabic speaking population also continues to grow. There is now a local mosque to meet the needs of this new and growing population. Our church members bring us stories regularly of Muslim proselytizing at their university. Rather than feeling defeated, the team is studying together how to understand Islam and their objections to Christianity praying and seeking to turn challenges into opportunities for the Gospel.
Camp is Coming!
May 2nd through the 6th is the spring break for the medical school and the International Church will be holding a retreat and time of bible teaching for all those who attend. So far, there are 56 confirmed attendees. The focus will be general themes from the Book of Proverbs with Ken teaching on what proverbs says to us about our words, a subject that God has been using to challenge Ken’s own use of words. May the Lord make time at camp fruitful for His kingdom purposes!
Ken too continues to help teach systematic theology on Sunday Evenings to an eager group of about 20 students. After finishing what it means for us to have Union with Christ and what that implies to us as believers, we are now moving on to the Doctrine of the Church
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that we would be able to finish the building construction so that we can move into our new place and become more focused and involved in ministry and reaching out with the gospel.
2. Please pray for God’s mercy and grace for us as and our kids now living in America as we and they continue to learn to walk by faith in another context. We desire to be faithful.
3. Please pray for the camp and all those attending. May we continue to proclaim Christ and the hearts of all of us to continue to change to the glory of our great God and savior Jesus Christ!
Blessings for your faithfulness! Ken and Monica Luse


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